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Twin Oaks Corral

The Twin Oaks Corral, located in front of the Manor House, is nestled on approximately an acre with ancient oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, offering an enchanting backdrop for weddings, ceremonies, games, or any outdoor event.

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If you are looking for a romantic farm & ranch wedding venue, party, or social event, look no further than the Twin Oaks Corral. Located in front of the Manor House, this charming spot features two ancient live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, an acre of green grass, and an old wooden fence.

The Twin Oaks Corral can accommodate up to 200+ guests, making it ideal for any type celebration. Choose from a variety of décor and themes to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether its a simple and elegant ceremony or a whimsical and bohemian affair, our team can create your dream wedding.

The Twin Oaks Corral is also a perfect location for smaller corporate events, such as team building, activities, wellness, retreats, workshops, or breakouts. You can enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty of the surroundings, while having access to all the amenities and services of the Manor House. Our event partners will take care of all the details, from catering to entertainment, so you can focus on your goals and objectives.

The Twin Oaks Corral is more than just a beautiful outdoor venue, it is a destination. It is a place where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact Us today to book your event and experience the magic of the Twin Oaks Corral.

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