The Paddock

The Paddock, located to the right of the Manor Gate (entrance) spans across two acres, presenting a versatile, enclosed space ideal for a myriad of large-scale outdoor activities. Beneath the Manor’s azure skies and amidst the sprawling openness of the Paddock, countless activities can come to life; perfect for helicopter landings and for a most dramatic effect, even accommodating a spectacular 11,000 square-foot luxury glass ballroom tent.

Large Outdoor Venue
for Corporate Events and More

Event planners, coordinators, civic groups and corporate entities, discover The Paddocka sprawling 2-acre outdoor venue designed to bring your events to life with unparalleled flair.

The Paddock's open layout not only facilitates seamless exhibitions, carnivals, corporate picnics or field days, BBQ competitions, food trucks, farmers markets and more but also provides ample room for attendees to explore and engage, making it the perfect setting for large-scale events that leave a lasting impression.

The Paddock elevates each event with comprehensive entertainment and vending options. Envision hosting a show complemented by live music, performances, and a variety of culinary and merchandise vendors, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for all guests. Our venue is a haven for event planners seeking a unique and versatile space that combines the excitement of an outdoor space with the vibrancy of a festival atmosphere. Choose The Paddock for your next event and set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Helicopter Arrivals
and Departures

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and convenience at The Paddock, our exclusive two-acre venue that caters to the grandeur of helicopter arrivals and departures. Whether you're marking the beginning of your marital journey or making a powerful corporate statement, our venue offers the perfect touch of sophistication and style.

Imagine the awe-inspiring sight as you, the bride and groom, make a grand entrance or exit, soaring above in a helicopter, adding an unforgettable touch to your special day. For the corporate CEOs and elite professionals, The Paddock provides an impressive backdrop for your high-profile meetings or events, ensuring you make a commanding and memorable entrance or departure.

Our venue is meticulously designed to accommodate helicopters, providing a seamless and spectacular experience that epitomizes luxury and efficiency. Choose The Paddock for an extraordinary event that rises above the ordinary.

The Paddock Venue Location: Helicopter Wedding

The Glass Tent
11,000 Square Feet ofLuxury!

In a prestigious collaboration, we are privileged to offer access to an expansive 11,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, climate-controlled glass edifice, which can be majestically situated in the esteemed Paddock Venue Location. This grand structure boasts the capacity to graciously host over 500 esteemed guests, ensuring a lavish and memorable experience.

Simultaneously, it preserves the convenience of ample parking, with over 300 premium parking spaces available, guaranteeing ease and accessibility for all attendees. This venue is not just a space, but a statement of luxury and exclusivity.

Core Venue Locations

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Pegasus Hall

This is the perfect indoor and outdoor wedding venue that exudes elegance.

Manor Lodge

Featuring a storable stage, production lighting, a portable bar and seating for 150.

Manor House

The main focus of our property offering privacy and exclusivity used for multiple photography backdrops.


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