Adorable & Trained
Animal Encounters

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If you love animals and want to have a unique and memorable experience try adding some adorable & trained Animal Encounters!

You can interact and learn about some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, such as horses & ponies, llamas, alpacas, beverage burros and more. Our animal-loving partners will provide well-trained and friendly critters that will make you feel like part of their family. You will also have the opportunity to take photos and videos with them, and share your stories with your friends and family.

Suitable for all ages and occasions, whether you are looking for a memorable children's birthday party or a fun and romantic addition to any event.

Beverage Burros

Add a touch of unparalleled charm to your wedding or any event by incorporating one of our delightful burros. With their packs prepared, these well-trained burros are eager to serve beverages during your cocktail hour, mingle with guests, and pose for memorable selfies.

A "Beverage Burro" is not only photo-ready for snapshots but can also partake in your event or wedding ceremony, even taking on the role of the ring bearer.

Celebrate with Llamas

Elevate your special day with a touch of whimsy by inviting llamas or alpacas to partake in the festivities. These delightful animals are prepared to add a unique flair to your celebration — whether they're taking part in your event or ceremony, gracing your photographs, mingling with your guests, or even aiding the bartenders. Accustomed to crowds and coming adorned in charming wedding finery or other themed costumes, our llamas promise to be a hit.  

More Animal Interactions

At Pegasus Manor, our partners will present an array of animal interactions, including horse and pony rides, cart journeys, unicorn appearances, donkeys, and more! All the animals are tethered, well-trained, comfortable with crowds and in event settings, and used to the ambiance of production lighting and sound. Our seasoned handlers can also don themed costumes to seamlessly integrate into your event's motif. 

Animal Interaction Locations

The following locations are perfect for hosting our Animal Encounters

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Twin Oaks Corral

An enchanting backdrop for weddings, ceremonies, games, or any outdoor event.

Grassy Lawn

An idyllic 1/2 Acre setting for a weddings with panoramic views and sunsets.

The Paddock

A fence-in space spanning two acres ideal for a myriad of large-scale activities.


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Animal Encounuters

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